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Thomas’s experience of having worked in various types of jobs has enriched his knowledge and made him more adaptable. His job as a translator has instilled in him a strong sense of punctuality and a habit of going back to his work and correct any mistakes.

Working as a teacher has made him more understanding and tactful in his interactions with other people. Through his experience of working in data entry and as a data wrangler, he developed a sharp eye for detail and improved his organizing skills.

As a research assistant, he learned how to analyse data and how to be more precise in his observations.

As a hard-working and determined young individual, he believes that he can contribute greatly to the people that he meets in realizing their visions and missions. Considering that Australia is also a home to many from the Indonesian diaspora, his fluency in the Indonesian language can be valuable. He also loves learning new things and meeting new people.

Thomas is an extremely valued team member and we are extremely lucky to have him here.


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