Kaycee Beroy

Commercial PM Assistant

A little about me

Born and raised in the Philippines, Kaycee Beroy came from a very humble home. She graduated in the course of Computer Technology and started working after. Prior to joining the Real Estate world, Kaycee worked in the Business Process Outsourcing industry for 5 fruitful years.

Her job experience opened a lot of development in her personal and professional growth as she engaged in customer service. A day-to-day task of speaking with different types of client’s everyday made her competent in her communication skills not just in the aspect of speaking but also in conveying solutions for them. She also learned a deeper sense of responsibility by how she managed to stay at the top of every tough situation.

Her new career as an Assistant Commercial Property Manager gives her a more positive outlook in life. Being passionate on her tasks, she claims that each day is a joyful one.

She believes that life is a never-ending discovery and one can be excited in looking forward to what can happen next.


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